Bitcoin in China

The Chinese Bitcoin scene is a blank spot. My only sources are CT1 and nth hand news articles on the most worthless crypto rags conceivable. I despise the reports from ESLtards2 with which Twitter is rife. I had some hope of gleaning some knowledge from Mia Tam3. Scanning down her feed you can see she’s entirely clueless regarding Bitcoin but she is located inside China and speaks relatively good English. However, all attempts I made to communicate with her on Twitter were met with either silence or indecipherable emoticons.

There is also Joseph Young. This guy is supposedly Korean and located in Korea. His english is great, but he mostly reports stories seen elsewhere with added commentary that is not insightful. He is also clueless concerning Bitcoin as can be seen easily through his flagrant shitcoinery.

So that leaves me with the task of developing my own contacts in China. I hope to do this by hiring the help of individuals located in China to do research, translation, and general intelligence gathering. I intend to find out with this project who are the main players in Bitcoin. Are there Chinese forums with high SNR? Is there a Chinese republic4? Are there people in China that can gpg? Is there even any decent literature about Bitcoin avaialble in Chinese? I want to know if there is even a single person in China that gets Bitcoin.

I have met many Chinese here in the west recently and asked them about Bitcoin. Many were aware of it, but they see it as a kind of gambling instrument. Zero comprehension. Admittedly all the Chinese I know here are sluts and I wouldn’t expect them to be hanging out on Chinese Bitcoin forums.

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