Being Something

More and more I’m annoyed by those claiming not to be on the right or left, but to have discovered their own political philosophy and set of opinions that is somehow above it all. Show me the fuckin’ blog mother fucker! If you’ve had such great thoughts that you found the correct balance of left/right/up/down viewpoints that Aristotle, Plato, Locke and Marx somehow missed show me the post where you laid it out.

Because I agree with someone else’s thoughts you see since I’m such an ideologue, and my opinions aren’t based on reason and evidence like yours are, and you spent years developing your own unique and independent line of thinking, and so on. It couldn’t possibly be that you never even researched the obvious refutations of your own personal theories that you came up with all on your own.

Symptomatic is that anything outside of (Harvard|Yale|NPR|BBC|CBS|TheHill)'s Overton window is dogmatic and ideology and conspiracy.

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