Translation of Me Enamoré by Shakira

Mi vida me empezó1 a cambiar

La noche que te conocí
Tenía poco que perder
Y la cosa siguió así

My life began to change
The night that I met you
I didn’t have much to lose
And the thing happened like this

Yo con mis sostén2 a rayas

Y mi pelo a medio hacer3
Pensé: éste todavía4 es un niño
Pero, ¿qué le voy a hacer?

I with my striped top
And my hair half done
Thought: this guy is still a boy
But, what am I going to do?

Es lo que andaba buscando5
El doctor recomendando
Creí que estaba soñando, ooh, ooh
¿De qué me andaba quejando6?

No sé qué estaba pensando
Voy pal cielo y voy pateando7 ooh, ooh

It is the thing that I was casting about for
The doctor recommending
I thought that I was dreaming, ooh, ooh
What was I complaining about?
I don’t know what I was thinking
I’m going to heaven, and I’m going kicking

Me enamoré, me ena-ena-namoré
Lo vi solito y me lancé8
Me ena-na-namoré
Me ena-na-namo

I fell in love, I fell in love
I saw him alone and I jumped
I fell in love
I fell in lo…

Mira qué cosa bonita
Qué boca más redondita
Me gusta esa barbita

Look, a cute thing
What a mouth more round
I like this little beard

Y bailé hasta que me cansé
Hasta que me cansé, bailé
Y me ena-na-namoré
Nos enamoramos

And I danced until I was tired
Until I was tired, I danced
We fell in love

Un mojito, dos mojitos
Mira qué ojitos bonitos
Me quedo otro ratito

One mojito, two mojitos
Look what cute eyes
I stay a while longer

Contigo yo tendría diéz hijos
Empecemos por un par9
Solamente te lo digo
Por si quieres practicar

I will have 10 children with you
We start with a couple
I only tell you this
In case you want to practice

Lo único que estoy diciendo
Vayámonos10 conociendo

Es lo que está proponiendo, oh, oh
Nos vamos entusiasmando
Todo nos va resultando
Qué bien lo estamos pasando, oh, oh

The only thing I’m saying
Let’s go knowing
It is the thing being proposed
We go looking forward to
Every thing that happens to us
How great it is what is happening to us

Nunca creí que fuera así
¿Cómo te fijarías11 en mí?

Toda la noche lo pensé
Este es pa’ mí o pa’ más nadie
E-es pa’ mí o pa’ más nadie

I never though that it would be like this
How could you choose me?
All night I thought
This is for me or for no one

  1. Incidentally I’m able to insert all these neat accented characters in Vim using ctrl-k + <accent character> + <ascii character> []
  2. bra - or maybe women’s top []
  3. half-done is a guess - haven’t seen this usage of infinitives before []
  4. still []
  5. andaba + <gerund> messing around doing x []
  6. quejar is to complain []
  7. kicking []
  8. jump, plunge []
  9. pair []
  10. Let us go - imperative []
  11. to fixate on []

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