DALNet linking application, annotated

DALnet Server Link Application - Version 3.2.0 - Rev. 10 July 2019

Revised by brandon (brandon@dal.net) on 10 July 2019
Revised by brandon (brandon@dal.net) on 2 Jan 2018
Revised by brandon (brandon@dal.net) on 2 March 2012
Revised by Simon P (melech@dal.net) on 02/06/2003
Copyright (c)1996-2019 The DALnet IRC Network


Before you apply, you should familiarise yourself with the DALnet Server
Application Guidelines.  These guidelines explain the application process,
the recommendations and requirements for linking to DALnet and give technical
and other information to assist in your application.  You may view these
guidelines at https://www.dal.net/?page=Application%20Guidelines

Once you are sure your IRC server meets the recommendations and
requirements, you should fill out this application form.  You must
complete each of the following six sections.  When complete, please
mail the application to apply@dal.net

Data collection scripts for Section 6 may be downloaded from

Applications that do not follow these instructions will be ignored!

Section 0: Quick Link Eligibility Check List

0a. Have you (admin) read and understood the Server Application Guidelines
    and believe your server to meet the requirements of linking to DALnet?

0b. Is your server provider-sponsored, and not being paid for by you or
    your business? 1

0c. Are you running some flavor of UNIX?

0d. Is your server capable of absorbing massive, multi-GBit/second DDoS
    attacks? 2

If you answered No to any of the above questions, do not submit an
application. Do not submit this portion with your application.

------------------------------- CUT HERE ---------------------------------

DALnet Server Link Application - Version 3.2.0 - Rev. 10 July 2019

Section 1: Server Information

1a. Full server (machine) hostname:
1b. Server's IPv4 address:
1c. Server's IPv6 address:
1d. Hosting network's ASN:3
1e. Intended DALnet server name:4
1f. Ports (ports 6667-6669, 7000, 7325, 6697[ssl] required):
1g. Server's operating system/version:
1h. Server's processor info (type/speed/cores):((AMD Opteron 4226/2700 Mhz/6 cores))
1i. Server's memory:5
1j. Is the machine dedicated to DALnet? (see guidelines):
1k. Server's geographic location (city, state/country):
1l. Maximum clients you will allow: 6
1m. Type and version of named used as a resolver:
1n. Type and version of time sync program: 7
1o. Are you or your sponsor applying or linked to any other IRC networks?
    (please list):8
1p. Is this a physical server or a virtual machine?:
    If virtual, please complete questions 1q-1v
1q. Are the CPU/RAM resources dedicated to the guest dynamically shared,
    or dedicated to the irc vm?
1r. VM Host Software & Version:
1s. VM Host hardware specifications (Total CPU/Cores/RAM):
1t. Approximate number of guests on this host infrastructure:
1u. Please describe the nature and purpose of other guests:
1v. Please list anyone with administrative access to the VM Host:

Section 2: Personal Information

2a. Admin's real name (Last, First):
2b. Admin's E-Mail address:
2c. Admin's nickname on DALnet:
2d. Does admin have "root" access on server:
2e. Who else has "root" access on server (Please list and explain why):
    Note: Console/admin access to a VM host counts as root access.
2f. Server owner's name (or ISP):
2g. Server owner's E-Mail address:

    It is your responsibility to provide contact phone numbers to DALnet
    officials if they are required.


Section 3: Host Information

3a. Where is your server hosted? (Please give the name and location of the
    ISP and/or datacenter)

3b. Please indicate your relationship to the hosting provider and whether
    your server is colocated (i.e. you are personally paying for bandwidth),
    ISP-sponsored or has some other arrangement.

3c. Please provide a brief statement of permission from someone in a
    relevant position of authority at the HOSTING SITE where your server is
    located (who is entitled by that organisation to give such permission),
    clearly stating that they know of, support and agree to your
    application.  A name and contact e-mail address should be included.

3d. Is your host/provider sponsoring any IRC servers on other networks?
    If so, please list.

3e. Does the ASN associated with your server IP belong to the sponsoring
    organization?  If not, please explain why.

Section 4: Routing Information

4a. Describe, in detail, your connectivity to your transit providers. You
    may also list peering arrangements. When doing so, list everyone who
    peers with you at that location, and with what amount of bandwidth. 9

4b. Please obtain from a network engineer at your sponsor10 the output of
    'show ip bgp summary' (or the vendor equivalent) for EACH router that
    is directly connected to the upstream providers listed in 4a, and
    paste here.  If this action is not possible, please explain why. 

4c. Does the ASN associated with your IP address match the name of the
    provider hosting your server (the company that provided permission in
    question 3c)?  If not, please explain.

4d. How much outgoing bandwidth (in Mbit/s) is available to the server?11

4e. What is your switch port speed?

4f. Describe, in detail, how your server will be filtered from Denial of
    Service attacks. Make sure you include the hardware type and software
    release running on the devices doing the filtering. 12

Note:  For security reasons, any information provided in 4b and 4f will be removed from your application before it is shared on the DALnet staff list.

WARNING: DALnet's Routing team will verify any information in this
application to ensure consistency and validity.  Please ensure the
information you are providing is *real* and *correct*.  Applicants that
falsify anything on their application will have their application revoked
and will be barred from ever re-applying to DALnet.

Section 5: Free Answer (Use as much space as needed)

5a. Please describe the ways you have been involved with DALnet, and why
    you feel your server should become part of DALnet. 13

5b. Do you have any IRC Operators in mind?  (Please list and state why you
    think they will be a good addition to the DALnet staff.  Please note
    that DALnet does not allow you to nominate an assistant administrator
    (AA) on your server application form.  The right to appoint an AA is
    subject to a separate admin CFV after you are fully linked to DALnet.)

5c. How much active time would you estimate you will be able to dedicate
    to DALnet per week?  There are approximately 112 waking hours in a
    week; be realistic. 14

5d. Please provide a brief summary of your *personal* experience in:

    1) implementing OS level configuration changes to accomodate ircd15
    2) actually compiling and running ircd16
    3) any other relevant *technical* skills that you have17

5e. What action will you take if your server's performance becomes a
    detriment to the operation of DALnet?

5f. Do you have anything you would like to add that you haven't yet been
    able to tell us?  (If so, please describe.)

Section 6: Traceroutes

Please submit a set of traceroutes as follows:


On a Wednesday of a given week, run the traceroute script found
at http://www.dal.net/?page=routing at the following times:

  12pm EST (midday)
  10pm EST

Paste the results below.

To avoid any line break issues, please paste your entire application into
a plain text file and attach that file to the email you send to

  1. I believe as things stand I am excluded here.  I wish they were more specific though.  From the guidelines:
    h)  Out-of-pocket Servers
        The costs involved in hosting an IRC server are often unpredictable due
        to the cost of bandwidth and the risk of Denial of Service Attacks.  It
        is not feasible for an individual to absorb these costs.  DALnet does
        NOT accept applications for servers that are paid for out-of-pocket by
        an individual.  Servers MUST be sponsored by a hosting company or
        network operator.  If you are paying for the server you would like to
        link, you need not apply.
  2. What is the standard for absorption? []
  3. AS16578 []
  4. thimbron []
  5. 31 GB []
  6.     No idea what the max my server could handle would be.  From the guidelines: Question 4b of the application form asks how much outgoing bandwidth is
        dedicated to the IRC server.  In addition, question 1k asks for the
        maximum number of clients your server will be able to hold.  The amount
        of bandwidth stated in your answer to auestion 4b must be sufficient to
        hold the number of clients stated in your answer to Question 1k. 
        For North-American (USA/Canada) based servers:
        You must be prepared and able to support a minimum of 2,500 concurrent
        user connections.  The ability to support 5,000 users is recommended.
        For servers located in all other areas:
        You must be prepared and able to support a minimum of 2,000 concurrent
        user connections.  The ability to support 5,000 users is recommended.
        As a rough rule, a decently sized public client IRC server will use
        about 1Mbit/sec per 1000 users (95th percentile) or 600GB/month per
        1000 users (inbound + outbound) data transfer.  For example a server
        with 5000 users will use about 5 Mbit/sec, or 3000 GigaBytes/month
        inbound + outbound total data transfer.  This is assuming normal
        operating conditions.  During synching to the network, your server
        might burst to higher usage than this.  See below for information on
        the problems of Denial of Service attacks.
  7. I wonder why ntp is required? []
  8. Technically no but we will be later []
  9. Going to have to ask colo for this info []
  10. who is my sponsor supposed to be? []
  11. 1000 I think - colo claims 1 GB connection. Apparently the guidelines linked in the first paragraph indicate 10GB is required, which would require me to upgrade my plan. []
  12. I think these types of questions will make my colo nervous, good to know nonetheless []
  13. Although I have not participated on DALnet, I have participated on Freenode for quite some time. Freenode is losing it's independence by relying more and more on platforms to run its servers and is not accepting independent servers. We wish to provide a reliable platform for promoting and supporting Bitcoin []
  14. Perhaps 3 hours []
  15. I have experience building and configuring linux machines in general []
  16. I have previously built an ircd for my own private use []
  17. Computer science degree, years of experience running a colo'ed machine []

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