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[I don't think this review works. I've commented in brackets where I see problems.]

I am here reviewing my summary of 'Your Feelings Are Out to Get You' because in order to improve my summarization skills I need to know exactly what was wrong with it, and I need to write this review to learn from my mistakes.

Overall there is a lot of confusion in this summary about how to express the subject of various parts of the piece. In addition the structure of the summary is broken, I wasn't explicit about all the assumptions I was making about the piece, and I miscategorized it as being a general, rather than a personal piece [I don't fully understand what I'm saying here]. Also, where I didn't understand concepts, I failed to make note of that.

The problem with expressing the subject can be seen throughout the summary where, for example, I switch from "more and more people" to "you", and occasionally "she," and even an "anyone." Take the first instance, where I write:

Over time, more and more people have come to express thoughts as having originated from feeling rather than from thinking. The effects of this after growing mostly unnoticed suddenly became obvious and detrimental to the enjoyment of life.

The actualy subject of the first paragraph is the author, so an accurate summarization would have represented that the author "believes that..." I should also have either asked the author who "those enjoying the forest" were, or noted that it was unclear to me who exactly the people enjoying the forest were, or what the forest represented. I instead assumed that this just meant "life in general."

Another example of this problem is in the fourth paragraph which starts off with "Anyone could pretend..." In fact the author doesn't claim that anyone could do anything, she claims that she specifically could "construct a false sense of reality..." There are other examples, but I have run out of time to cover them.

Moving on to the structure of the summary, the paragraphs are not well linked together. Excluding all other problems with the first and second paragraph, the first sentence at least refers to something in the first. The third paragraph abruptly introduces the author's idea that her feelings don't matter, and I can see no direct link between the second paragraph, which ends with a paraphrased musing about the reason for people expressing themselves with "feel" instead of "think."

[I clearly don't know what I'm talking about here] I put this piece in the wrong context. I don't know much about the author, and haven't read much of her blog, or her work in general, besides her educational posts on the Bitcoin Talk forum, so I don't understand where she was at when she was writing this. I should have picked up on the clues that this was a personal piece - the main one being that she is talking about her personal experiences, and doesn't make any general statements or claims until the conclusion of her piece.

There was at least one case where I knew I didn't understand a part of the piece and tried to summarize it anyway. I'm sure the are many other parts of the piece that I didn't understand, but the one I knew about was when I tried to summarize "... a feeling doesn't matter within the context of thought, and has no impact whatsoever on anything at all unless I choose to act upon it..." I summarized this as:

Feelings in fact have no impact on anything without the feeler choosing to act on those feelings.

Instead of removing the subject and guessing at a generalized version of it, I should have stated that I didn't understand it, or asked for help in #ossasepia, or on hanbot's blog.

[There should be a conclusion here, but nothing came naturally to me to write.]

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