I had an interesting conversation yesterday with a guy named George who uses my co-working space to meet his clients. I heard him speaking Spanish with them and asked him after he'd just seen one off what business he was in. It was real estate, and he served a certain class of client - namely those without a legal source of income. He had also worked with many Chinese clients.

He worked hard to get the illegals loans with the smallest down payment possible and without them having a legal source of income. Alternatively for the Chinese, he helped them get loans with down payments large enough to qualify them for some sort of investor visa.

He said his parents were from Mexico, but he grew up in Chicago. He told me that he was having trouble getting his son, who had studied "something computer related in either community college or college or something" to move out of his house. I just thought it was kind of funny that he's personally working to inflate the shit out of housing prices while being annoyed his son who works at Chipotle or Amazon or something can't afford to move out.

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