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I have found a hosting service in Costa Rica called Costa Rica Servers that accepts Bitcoin as payment. I can’t find any references to this company in the logs1.

In their favor they accept Bitcoin payment via BTCPay as opposed to Bitpay. A strike against them is that they also accept payment in two shitcoins not worth mentioning.

When I asked them about colocation and payment, I got a reply from Edgar Fernandez who seems unfortunately to be involved with EOS.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for your inquiry. The best way to bring the server is to use a Customs Agent / Courier service and have them handle the local customs. We use Star Box (

As for the BTC payments, we accept BTC/LTC/Dash through a BTCPay service we run in our own server where the USD invoice is converted at the time of payment at the rate published by Kraken exchange at the time. We welcome BTC payments and provide discount codes for new clients paying in BTC!

Hope you decide on!

Please let us know if we can help with the introduction to Star Box.


Edgar Fernandez

In terms of their network connectivity, they’ve provided a little bit of info on their datacenter connectivity page. I’m not in a position to compare this to Latechco’s connectivity and would appreciate any pointers as to how to do so.

I am planning a trip to Costa Rica in June to fulfill my visa requirement that I physically be in Costa Rica at least one day per year. I may take this opportunity to colocate a box at Costa Rica Servers, but I haven’t decided yet.

  1. I can only assume CR was specifically excluded in the Pizarro ISP search based on some criteria - but I don’t know what that would be []

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  1. You will want to ask BingoBoingo re: details of the initial ISP search : this was 100% his effort, and took place prior to the re-establishment of the thing as Pizarro and my involvement.

    My understanding is that he excluded all firms which appeared to be subsidiaries of a multinational co.

  2. thimbronion says:

    @stan Thanks for the info. I will follow up with BingoBoingo.

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