Blatta 9989: presence for wot

Version 9989 includes:

- joins automatically sent for peers in WOT.
- join/part sent for peer/unpeer commands.
- AT timestamp now updated on receipt of rubbish packets
- --channel-name command line option for specifying what chan your Pest network expects everyone to be on.
- Don't include hostname in irc messages from clients.



2 Responses to “Blatta 9989: presence for wot”

  1. thimbronion says:

    Don't track IGNORE messages in duplicates queue

    Possibly use message hash instead of timestamp to dedup messages

  2. thimbronion says:

    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "./blatta", line 145, in
    File "./blatta", line 140, in main
    File "/home/awt/src/blatta_test_net/lib/", line 306, in start
    self.sendrubbish() # Kludge to keep ephemeral port open when NATed
    File "/home/awt/src/blatta_test_net/lib/", line 247, in sendrubbish
    }, self))
    File "/home/awt/src/blatta_test_net/lib/", line 220, in peer_message
    message_bytes = self.infosec.get_message_bytes(message)
    File "/home/awt/src/blatta_test_net/lib/", line 46, in get_message_bytes
    speaker = self._pad(message.speaker, MAX_SPEAKER_SIZE)
    File "/home/awt/src/blatta_test_net/lib/", line 191, in _pad
    return text.ljust(size)
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'ljust'

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