Blatta 9991: Better logging and miscellaneous fixes

Improved logging with abbreviated message hashes associated with addresses should help track down missing messages.

Improved logging of various things that can go wrong with a message.

Fixes a crash caused by attempting to add a duplicate handle.

AT timestamps are now only set when a message has been received from a peer.

Removed some options that shouldn't be used. Renamed --ports to --irc-ports for clarity

Poll the socket only once per second instead of continuously

Renamed default database file to blatta.db



2 Responses to “Blatta 9991: Better logging and miscellaneous fixes”

  1. thimbronion says:

    You'll need to run some sql if you want to avoid blowing away your db, or the at table in the sqlite3 db.


    sqlite3 blatta.db
    alter table at add column active_at datetime default null;

  2. thimbronion says:

    Bug: b

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