January 20, 2017

Next Z80

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This looks like a good model for my next attempt at creating a Z80 computer. Recommended by asciilifeform of course.

Why Learn Latin and Greek

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Humility. Failure. The question presumes that there is something more important to study. After devoting some time to the study of and much more time to the practice of computer programming because of an idea I had in my head at the age of 18 that the skill was broadly in demand and would keep me employed I find myself wishing I had stuck to the old default of the classics and delayed the choice of a profession until after I knew at least something rather than nothing.
The ancient world now seems to me to exist as a parallel universe where literature is as advanced if not more so than in this universe, but technology lags behind. This study illustrates to me at least the conservative perspective that human nature is constant over the ages.

Credentialism and Marriage

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If a man or woman believes that respect is due only to graduates of institutions of class X, then they should marry only to graduates of institutions of that class because it would be cruel to marry someone who it would be impossible for them to ever respect.

January 9, 2017

Owed to Klingons

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I had a dream that a consulting client had borrowed a large sum of bitcoin from the Klingons. He’d most likely spent it and now the price had gone up substantially and they wanted their bitcoin back. Everyone at his house was in a panic, scanning the sky for incoming Birds of Prey. My house was next door and I was feeling a bit concerned for it.

January 8, 2017

Example of SJW attack

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Lawrence Krubner is an SJW trolling Hacker News.

After defending the virtue of some western women, I became the subject of an SJW Attack.

Note the characterization of my defense as “misogyny on Hacker News.” Note also the lack of any sort of argument, but only a pathetic attempt at mischaracterization and intimidation.

January 6, 2017

A Shibboleth Against Consulting Clients

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If upon receiving a bug report from a client in which there is no attempt to describe a repro, fire the client.
At a minimum this displays a lack of understanding of συστεματα which implies a significantly higher amount of work in order to communicate successfully with the client to prevent implementing the wrong features.

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