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Thoughts on WoT Search

Sunday, October 25th, 2020

Here is how I am looking at WoT search right now.

The work remaining on Lekythion is

  1. Constructing a decent search query in SQL
  2. Hooking the bot up to postgres
  3. Formatting the response
  4. Publishing the lisp code I use to build the index

After publication of the code, my hope to see others build their own indexes and share them using the WoT. Index owners could share read-only access to their postgres instance, perhaps via whitelisted IPs, to others in the WoT. This is similar to the approach suggested by asciilifeform, but I can’t find a reference to his proposal at the moment.

Individuals could stand up their own bots and connect queries to whichever indexes they preferred, be they their own indexes or others’.

My indexes will eventually include at least:

  • All known former republican blogs1
  • All pages linked to in the logs
  • The logs

Perhaps at some point it will become relatively easy to quickly build an index of favorite sites/data sets and and make them available.

  1. As time goes on it may be possible for me to connect directly to blog owner indexes, rather than creating my own []