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Alcuin 9994

Monday, October 11th, 2021

From the updated README:

Alcuin implements a subset of the Pest spec, which can be found

Although it is a work in progress and much is yet to be completed, Alcuin
*should* be able to interact with another Pest client

Notably missing:                                                                                          

- Pest specific client commands
- Pest specific warning/informational output for incoming/outgoing messages
- GetData message support
- Key Offer message support
- Key Slice message support                                                                               

Under the hood there is a dynamic AT and WOT, but there is no way to update
them via the client.

For the moment the client must still be configured via the file,
although this is now passed in via the --address-table-path command line
option.  For now, the config file is really a combination WOT/AT.

I am unable to provide a genesis using vdiff at this time because I can't get vdiff to exclude certain ephemeral files and directories.

alcuin-9994.tar.gz alcuin-9994.tar.gz.asc